Bloons TD 4 App for Android Review

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Bloons TD 4 app for Android is a popular web based game now ported to Android. It is basically a tower defense game with quite interesting game play. Bloons TD 4 Android app may be downloaded for $3.15 from Google Play.

Bloons TD 4: The Game

Bloons TD 4 app for Android is an easy, yet fun tower defense game. If you are no so familiar with this genre of games, here is a brief intro: you build towers to destroy specific targets. Enemies come in swarms until the round is finished. As you move up the ladder, it will get progressively difficult to kill and contain enemies. Thankfully, your ability to kill the enemies also enhances in the meantime through upgrades.

Those who’ve played the web version of Bloons TD 4 will be at home straightaway. The basic tower set up, monkeys and power ups remain the same. There are 15 levels for you to master, with options to compete in each level using 3 difficulty levels. This gives you lots of options of potential game play. But part of completing the game involves defeating your enemies in each level in the hardest possible difficulty.

Bloons TD 4 App for Android

The game play involves you utilizing a ranking system that let you can build up your experience and gain access to powerful towers and upgrades. Call in mortar strikes, deploy the monkey aces and harness the power of banana farms as you bid to take down the enemy in true bloon popping fashion. Bloons TD 4 comes with classic tracks, the ones you’ve played in the web edition, and a host of whole new tracks for you to master.

Ultimately it is about getting through the 75 rounds for the gold medal. Can you do it?
Another interesting aspect of Bloons TD 4 Android app is that once you complete a level, you can choose to continue in the free play mode. This mode is activated when you’ve popped enough balloons to progress to the next level, but choose not to. Free play mode let you get used to the difficulty levels sans the fear of losing.

Bloons TD 4 app for Android has some special bonuses which you can discover and unlock by mastering the tracks. The graphics of Bloons TD 4 application is impressive. Sound effects add to the fun. The app works with Android 1.5 and up.


Bloons TD 4 app for Android is a simple version of a complex genre. It is a port of a popular web based tower defense game. Those who wish to test waters will find this game the perfect first step. Verdict: Good one but highly priced.

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