3D Gems App for Android Review

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There are certain game concepts that we’re tired about, such as flinging an animal at another or the ones where you got to match objects to obtain certain patterns. But 3D Gems for Android draws upon old ideas to create whole new levels of interactivity. If you’re looking for a traditional arcade game with a twist, you have nowhere better to look than with 3D Gems. You can get it for $1.36.


3D Gems app for Android is a jewel matching game wherein you got to make groups of at least three and then those sets disappear. If you manage to do that successfully, you’ll earn points and eventually unlock other levels. Of course, it is not going to be a cake walk of sorts. Players will encounter destructible objects, platforms that move up/down, shifting titles, cascading barrels, and a lot more. Each level is different from the other, not to mention the ‘specials’ you’ll find per set. So you’ll never get bored by playing the game after some time. In fact, you’ll want to come back to play the game again.

3D Gems App for Android

In the graphics department, 3D Gems app for Android might not be the best in the league. But it is hardly ugly either. However, in a sense, it is a bit rougher around its edges than we might like, especially when compared with some other games in its genre. Anyways, it does not affect the game play, which is pretty entertaining on its own right. The app is also reasonably stable and responsive. We’d never encountered any freeze/stopping on the way.

Final Thoughts

3D Gems app for Android costs $1.36 in Google Play Store and this is quite a bargain, given the entertainment quotient the game brings to the table. Even though it has its roots in the time tested genre of matching games, 3D Gems has managed to give it enough freshness to make the game experience worthwhile. It is endlessly engaging and entertaining to say the least. Not to mention its tremendous replayablity value. The graphics, though not so impressive, holds on. The game is also robust and responsive. Check it out if you are in the lookout for an innovative arcade game with a fair price tag.

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