Bee Bob Honey Bee Adventure Android App Review

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Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure App for Android is a fun 2D game wherein you control a bee named Bob and help him collect nectar from the flowers and transport it to the bee hive. But it is not easy as it sounds. There might be animals that could hurt Bob on its way home. You have to help Bob dodge the obstacles to reach home safely. You can get Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


In the game, Bob, the bee, travels from beautiful sunny environments to snow white jungle with the sole purpose of collecting juice and taking it to the next hive to produce honey. Along the way Bob encounters funny animals and obstacles trying to prevent him from achieving his goal. At times, Bob will need some of those delicious potions for temporarily increasing the flying speed or turning on a protection shield. You unlock achievements if you manage to reach a certain goal in each level. When you start playing, you’ll be impressed with the design and graphics of the game. The levels are well designed with an abundance of foliage and multitudes of varying animals. The different type of flowers, overgrowth of shrubs and tall trees add to the depth of the visuals. However, the characters are not as detailed as the flowers. The controls are intuitive, while the game as such is responsive for most parts. Some players however had complained of occasional crashing, which could be due to some software glitch.

Bee Bob Honey Bee Adventure Android App

Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure App for Android is tailor made for the little ones. The cuteness apart, the game is also pretty easy to get around. Bee Bob for Android also provides an option to play against your friends online. It also supports multi-device gaming. The game progress is automatically synchronized so that you don’t lose continuity even if you change devices in between.


Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure App for Android is designed mainly for kids. But people of all ages will love it. The graphics impresses for all the fine details it draws on screen. The game rules are simple to understand. Online gaming option comes handy if you want to compete with your friends/family. Multi-device compatibility ensures continuity of gaming even if you change devices. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. Above all, it has great replay potential. Check it out if you’re looking for a time killer game, and don’t mind spending $0.99 on the purchase.

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