500 Coloring Pages Android App Review

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500 Coloring Pages app for Android is for kids. It let young kids explore their creativity as they color their way through 500 Coloring Pages. For parents, it also acts as a handy tool to keep their kids entertained during long road trips so that they can drive in peace, knowing that the kids are fully occupied with doing something creative. You can get 500 Coloring Pages app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.


500 Coloring Pages app for Android gives a choice of 500 coloring pages of various difficulties. In order to start coloring, you only need to choose the color and tap where on the picture that you’d like to color. The coloring tool looks like the paint bucket tool in Microsoft Paint. It only let you fill the outlined area with a color. Something like a pencil-type tool to draw your own pictures to color would have been a great addition to the current set of features. Also, a Difficult section featuring detailed watercolour-esque pictures to color, especially for adults, would have made the app lot more interesting.

500 Coloring Pages Android App

There are three categories: Easy, Medium and Hard. Under Easy category, you got large, easy to fill shapes and drawings. Hard category features numerous small details that’ll take time to color. But you can always use the zoom in/out feature to color the small portions near the edges. Of course, you can save your pictures or share it with others via email. The layout of 500 Coloring Pages app for Android is user friendly, even though it might not be aesthetically appealing. The basic menu options appear on the left of your screen, and the picture to be colored at the center. All one got to do is to tap and color the picture.

Final Thoughts

For an app that only let you color within the lines, $1.99 might appear to be a bit pricey. But your kids might find it lot interesting. In Easy and Medium modes, the difficulty levels are very much manageable for the kids. The layout is user friendly. The finished pictures can be shared with others easily. On the flip side, the app does not provide any option to draw your own pictures and color them later on. You have to contend with whatever it provides, and it is a bit let down. To sum it up, a collection of 500 coloring pages of various difficulties, suitable for kids and grownups alike. Check it out if you’re curious.

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