Beat Sneak Bandit iPhone App Review

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Beat Sneak Bandit app is a simple yet highly entertaining puzzle adventure which every single iPhone user would love to get their hands upon, irrespective of any age group. Play yourself as a sneaking bandit who swings and moves along with the beats being played in the background. A really simple game which eventually turns addictive, thanks to its appealing visuals and music. The game costs $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and is compatible for iPhones with iOS 3.1 or later, all the while holding some amazing positive ratings from the users.


Unlike most other games of the genre, Beat Sneak Bandit iPhone app plays only with the sound being on. With the major part of the game-play requiring the player to act or react according to the rhythm, sound or music becomes an essential necessity for this application. That makes it quite unique since you tend to rely more on your aural skills rather than the visual effects to become successful in every game. Just like other puzzle games, this one too is divided into different chapters and levels. With a large number of episodes, your soothing game-play can go on and on.

The story goes like this – All the clocks in the world are being stolen by the villain named Duke Clockface. It’s the turn of the Beat Sneak Bandit now to transform himself into a robinhood and get them all back, without being noticed. You sneak into each of the Duke’s dens and start stealing the clocks back. There are of course hurdles in the form of security guards, lights, traps, vacuums and much more. You will be provided with telephonic assistance from the Bandit’s friend, Herbie the frog. Grab the flagged clock to gain entry to the next level and also the bonus clocks for additional points.

Beat Sneak Bandit iPhone App

Beat Sneak Bandit app for iPhone has an intuitive interface loaded with vibrant colours and cartoonish characters. Each level encloses four floors for the player to move around and complete the objectives. Every object and every character including the player swings to the rhythm of the beat. As a result, the movement of the player also depends on this rhythm. Once you are out of sync, you are frozen and busted. There is just a single control that is to tap on the screen along the music and you proceed. Seemingly simple, it surely does require some brainwork to complete each exciting level adventure.


Beat Sneak Bandit iPhone game app, that too a puzzle adventure, which combines both audio and visual senses to compete, is quite a rarity. The game does that and even a lot more. Be a part of this fun filled brainy adventure and get addicted to one of the most successful gaming applications to have come out in the iPhone market.

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