A Beautiful Mess App for iPhone Review

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A Beautiful Mess app for iPhone is the easiest way to make pretty photos and to share them with friends. It let you crop photos, apply filters, and edit images before they’re shared over the social network. It is cute, easy, fun and Instagram friendly. You can get A Beautiful Mess iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

A Beautiful Mess App Features

When you open A Beautiful Mess app for iPhone, you’ll be given two options to get started: pick a photo from the photo library or use one of the background images. The background options are essentially template images that can be customized using the in-app tools. The tools for editing the photo can be found at the bottom of the screen, on the toolbar. Once chosen a picture, you’re asked to crop it into a prefect square. The said process is much like Instagram. You can zoom in/out of the image and move it around until you get it right. Once done, click the check mark on the top right hand corner and proceed to the edit page. This is where you’re going to have maximum fun.

A Beautiful Mess App for iPhone

The different image edit options are available at the bottom of the screen. These include:

Filters: You got six filters to choose from. Three of those are in color. Once you pick a filter, you’ll automatically have the options to play around with its opacity, contrast and brightness.
Borders: You got sixteen border options. Three alternate border packages are available as in-app purchase.
Text: You can customize your text here. Pick your font, enter the text, and customize its size and location on the photo. But you got only four font types to choose from. If you want more, you got purchase them in-app.
Doodles: You can add some wonderful doodles to your pictures.
Phrases: The app got 12 phrases such as ‘relax’, ‘adventure’ etc. You can twist it, size them, give it a pretty color and place it in your photo.
Once done with editing, you can share your photo via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
A Beautiful Mess is compatible with iOS version 6.0 or higher.


Bloggers and social media enthusiasts will find A Beautiful Mess app for iPhone quite handy. The filters, borders and various customization options are impressive. It is quite easy to edit and share your images. Reliance on in-app purchases can’t be justified though, especially since it is a paid app in the first place. Verdict: Overall, a decent photo editing tool with lots of customization options.

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