A Silent Wood Android App Review

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A Silent Wood app for Android is a game that RPG fans should not miss. It all starts from a dark room wherein you fetch and light up lumber, as you unveil mysteries that surrounded you in a silent wood. The interesting aspect of A Silent Wood game is that you’re not overawed by crazy graphics or imagery. Instead, you only got a somewhat spooky soundtrack and text on the display and the rest is all about your creativity and imagination. You can get A Silent Wood game app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


In A Silent Wood app for Android, you got to build a thriving village from nothing, and use the resources you earned by working in the land to venture out into the world in search of truth. When you start, you’re alone in the woods, in the dark. To start off, your main goal should be to collect firewood – you light up fire and you need to keep it going – build traps for food, carts etc. You’ll meet new people who can help you. The game is based on a storyline. But at times, it is a bit intriguing, and that is where the fun lies.

A Silent Wood Android Game App Review

In more detail, the spine of A Silent Wood app is a storyline that emerges from an absolute zero that develops into a civilization encompassing the evolution of know-hows of human history. Up from slumber in a dark room, you fetch and light up lumber, as you unveil mysteries that surrounded you in that dark room. Your traverse in a dark room is a combination of a walk through the foggy landscapes and exuberant adrenalin rush. The best part of A Silent Wood app for Android is that it engages your mind and creative imagination for few hours. It is not a game that finishes within few minutes. A Silent Wood app requires Android OS 2.3 or higher.


A Silent Wood for Android is not an official version of A Dark Room. It is an awe-filled exodus through human civilization wherein a wink of an eye in geological time scale is put in human perspective – in ‘A Silent Wood’ – in a single night. The game play is fun as well as interesting to say the least. In a world dominated by graphics, this game built on text and relies much on your creativity to move forward is strangely compelling. Check it out if you miss playing the traditional RPGs/text-only computer adventures.

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