Where’s My Water Android Puzzle Game Review

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Where’s My Water? is an Android puzzle game developed by the mighty Disney Studios for both the kids and adults alike. Both the game and its lead character Swampy are extremely popular ever since its release in 2011. It also holds the pride of winning numerous awards including the ‘Game of the Year’ title. Where’s My Water? Android app holds an amazing rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 and costs $1.99 to download from the Google Play Store.


The goal of Where’s My Water? app for Android is to carve out a path along an underground sewer system by clearing all obstructions so that the water may reach the pipe in Swampy’s bathroom without any hindrance. You may also have to allow the water to collect ducks, pastes, brushes, soaps and similar objects on the way. Once the water reaches Swampy’s bathroom, he is happy and your level will be cleared right away. The game is divided into a set of different chapters where each of them has as many as 20 levels of game-play. As a result, you get more than 200 diverse sub-games to play within the application. There are also bonus levels which get unlocked depending upon the number of special objects gained during the game.

Where’s My Water Android Puzzle Game Review

The difficulty levels and the challenging nature of the game keeps on increasing as it progresses thereby demanding an effective brain work and concentration throughout. All the objects and the water specifically follow the laws physics and gravity. Therefore, the levels are more like problem solving techniques with all the fun and entertainment remaining intact. ‘Where’s My Water?’ boasts of some amazing graphics and rich production values that is very much evident throughout the application. Each and every level is drawn and designed very beautifully. The caricature like characters and the cartoonish environment is sure to win the liking of kids. The animations are perfect in capturing the motion of objects and the flow of water. The music and the sound effects are also in sync with the game providing a soothing experience to your ears.


Where’s My Water? for Android is one such application where each and every aspect in the game provide excellent results. It is fun, addictive, educative and also promises loads of fun throughout. Test your brains with this fun filled, puzzle solving application.

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