TeeVee 3 – Your TV Shows Guru iPhone App Review

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No matter how busy you really are, it is not nice to miss out on your favourite TV shows and programs that delight you. If grilling schedule is not allowing you spare time when your shows air on TV, we would like to bring you an alternative that won’t require you to compromise on either work or entertainment. TeeVee 3 for iPhone which is a sparkling new app designed for iOS brings you information about your favourite shows and TV programs right on your Apple handset! You can now effortlessly track your favourite shows on your iPhone or iPad anytime! TeeVee 3 – Your TV Shows Guru app for iPhone costs $2.99 at iTunes App Store.


If you are thinking about the thousand other apps that has promised you the same, then we must tell you how different we are. TeeVee 3 iPhone app is simple. You simple have to search or find your favourite shows from the lists and get a complete overview of what has been happening! If you are all for variety and switching between channels then this app is your hot cup of tea because it has got an enormous database where they have more than 30,000 TV shows. The design is not the least complicated and is in fact very simple to operate. Its simplicity makes it perfect for use for iPhone and iPad. The fact that you will find Trakt Sync and iCloud sync with this app and that too for all devices, makes it all the more exciting!

TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru iPhone App Review

The updated management features is for lending extra fluidity. Since there are always possibility that you may miss out on your favourite shows when it airs in your time zone, the app provides forced notifications to keep you informed about timings. Swiping sideways, reveal information about upcoming shows. If you wish to remove any show, all you got to do is hold your finger on the show for a little long. However, it should be noted that TeeVee 3 app does not allow for watching your shows. It is just for tracking them and getting quick updates.


The newest version of TeeVee 3 app for iPhone has widgets that can update episodes by itself. The problems regarding Trakt syncs and US Timezones have been perfected. Now, you also have Hawaii Timezone support in there! Although it is a paid app which requires iOS 7 and higher versions to work, you are sure getting to get complete value for it, once downloaded. So, get your new buddy and never miss out on what is happening in the Television world yet again!

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