SoundPrism Pro iPhone App Review

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You may be an app addict and have probably seen a whole lot of different apps for Apple which may have impressed you. But, iTunes surely has something more in store to impress its loyalists and this is where SoundPrism Pro for iPhone comes in. The app is basically a professional composition tool and a midi controller. Its main purpose is the creation of music soundtracks for films and composure some really great sound textures. Though it is a paid app costing $11.99, it gives buyers the control and power to have their own music at their disposal. SoundPrism Pro app has some smart new features which would bring you a completely new experience with music.


SoundPrism Pro app for iPhone is also an interactive generator for epic cinema tracks and harmonic sound textures. So, you can have fun with music and compose your won background score! The app offers an extremely new way to control synthesizers, existing VSTis and sound modules. Now, you can visualize as well as internalize musical relationships. The new PitchClassShifter is a great way to define pitch layouts. Besides composing soundtracks for films, the app can also be used to create loops with highly advanced tonality. If you have your new video game in mind, you will be able to create robust new soundtracks for it with the app. Now, you can even give your media presentations with self-made music.

SoundPrism Pro iPhone App Review

The best thing about SoundPrism Pro iPhone app is that it is quite simple to use. You don’t have to be music pro in order to create decent music with it as all the controls and features are easy to understand and operate. Users are very happy with the app and rate the app among the top 3 music apps that one can find in iTunes. The app also works as a wireless midi controlled for iPad and iPhones and offers impeccable compatibility with the entire system. Available in a multiple different languages, the app supports Accelerometer input for controlling MIDI and CC events.


The recent version of SoundPrism Pro app for iPhone sees some great UI improvements to make it appear all the more attractive. Verse and chorus melodies take very small amount of time to get created and thus this app is wonderful in a lot of respects.

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