Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox Android App Review

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Are you always concerned about your kids and about the right kind of vocational training that they are attaining? Well, you can now simply make academics and smartness easier and accessible for them with the help of Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox app for Android. Quirky, as it may sound, this app packs in a whole lot of deal and is surely one of the most amazing academic applications that you won’t mind your toddlers operating! Configured with some entertaining as well as exciting educational games, the app is currently available in eight different languages. Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox Android app is priced $1.99 at Google Play Store.


Your pre-school child needs to get a clear grip over numbers, letters, counting, colours, differences and matching. Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox app takes care of the same through some simple games! To keep kids engaged and interested cute monkey animations are used in the games. For an enhanced cognitive process, tons of sound and voice clips of fruits, letters and names have been incorporated. So how do you keep your child motivated? The designers of the app believe that the games should give the child something that will made education all the more fun. This is where animated stickers have been used as rewards after a task or a game has been completed and won! Perfect for keeping your toddler’s spirits going!

Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox Android App Review

Since pre-schoolers would not be able to handle complications, Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox app for Android has been designed with simple features and minimum navigations. Simply hand over your tab to your kid and see him shine through the levels without guidance! Kids want more, and we have exactly that for them! Unlimited levels keep them working and engaged for hours. So, while they are having loads of fun, mummy will not have to worry about missing studies!


Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox Android app is available in several languages including Japanese, Chinese and Korean. So, you can recommend this app to your friends living in different countries so that they can ensure their child’s academic awareness in the best way!

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