Catan Android Game App Review

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If you have forever loved battling it out for yourself, then strategy games on Android would surely impress you. Long stretches of roads, large armies and enemies from new settlement, are what the top strategy games comprise of. Catan app for Android is a legendary game which offers up to four players. You are given to trade with each of them and claim the resourceful land with all its treasures. So, what does this game allows you to do? Let’s check the various features to know more about this much talked-about game. Catan game app for Android costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play.


Catan Android app is also a cross-platform multiplayer game which allows you to prove your skills and strategies against the enemies. The characters will prove themselves to be worthy of a fight and they include the pirate Jean, the merchant Vincent and Sean the Knight. Once you make in-app purchases, you would be able to avail the Catan expressions like ‘Cities and Knights’ and ‘Seafarers’. Presence of ten additional scenarios within a single extensive campaign, includes the complete Seafarers expansion. You can don the hat of a Harbormaster to discover new island and make new invasions. Also, you can hope to win extra game elements like ships, treasures, pirates and fields. One you have played the game to the fullest, you can try your hand at the Cities and Knights expansions. Invest new trade goods to build your newfound city extravagantly to build one of the three historic metropolises of Catan. Get you best knights to fend of barbarian attacks on Catan’s wealth.

Catan Android Game App

The newest versions of Catan Android game retain all its original traits but bring in a few necessary additions to round off the entertainment quotient. The game is currently being offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. The game has been optimized to offer great performance in both Smartphone and tablets. The rules belonging to ‘Original Settlers of Catan’ has been kept unchanged with this one. Special attention has been given to create a series of tougher competitors with more serious strategies. Zoom option for game board is a great new addition. New players will not have a problem getting through with it, because of the added tutorial.


If a game provides you with three different graphic sets to make your pick from, then it is sure for keeps! The latest version of Catan game app, has come up with several enticing Google Play features and you can hope to play on multiple devices without any hassles. Subtle little things like additional HD features and updated scenario rules makes things look attractive. Smaller tweaks and bug fixes have been conducted to lend it a smoother look.

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