aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks Android App Review

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aCalendar+ app for Android is a replacement app for Google Calendar. The beauty of this calendar is the color schemes uses, which brings each calendar to life and makes it a pleasure to interact with. It also features business oriented features such as invitations, free/busy settings and sharing as text or file. You can download aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks app for $1.49 from Google Play Store. The app is also available a free of cost lite version.


aCalendar+ app for Android has a user friendly layout. The main screen shows the current month, week or day (depending upon the calendar view), a + symbol to add an event, and calendar icon. Clicking on the calendar icon or the app icon brings the user back to the present date, and adjusts the calendar view accordingly. Further, tapping on a month, day or date brings up the complete list of possible event inclusions to the calendar. These can be toggled on/off depending on what you wish to include in your aCalendar. aCalendar+ app for Android features multiple calendar views that can be swiped between rather than fiddling with the settings to make a change. In the figure, one month view is shown. Swipe from right to left brings up the weekly view, while swiping again displays the daily view. Such a mode of switching between views help users to quickly glance at the events for a month, and further narrow it down to a particular week or day. Further, scrolling from the bottom of the screen shows the next month, next week and day depending on the present view selected.

aCalendar+ Calendar Tasks Android App Review

Included events are displayed in pale blue letters on the calendar. The pale blue font is a bit difficult to read. However, this is for events that are time specified. All day events are shown in dark blue background and black text. Adding a dated event is easy. The added events are automatically synced with Google Calendar. The app provides multiple color schemes that you can try out. Other features include the ability to manage multiple profiles, notification actions for events, public holidays from 30 countries, text and file sharing option, and drag and drop in day view. The app also offers widget support.


aCalendar+ app for Android is a feature rich calendar application that stands up very well on its own and works seamlessly with Google Calendar. It is robust, colorful, and thoughtfully designed to offer a smooth user experience. Setting up events is easy, so is managing your multiple profiles or sharing your files. Widget support comes handy. Overall, a professional calendar app that is optimized for speed and small memory footprint, and feature-loaded to the brim. Check it out if you’re looking for a similar app.

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