Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 Android App Review

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Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 app for Android is a cooking game aimed at the kids below 10 years of age. Its predecessor, the restaurant’s first part was met with widespread acclaim from both the critics and the users alike. This version is more advanced and revamped to suit the qualities of the present day graphics and game-play. Costing around $2.99, Dr. Panda’s Restaurant comes at a size of around 60 MB in the Google Play Store.


The famous Dr. Panda has set up a beach side restaurant where visitors and customers keep coming in to have their preferred meal. It’s all up to you, the master chef to decide and deliver the type of food with all its perfection that match your customer’s demand. Explore your kitchen to find all the necessary ingredients, utensils and equipments to start cooking dishes in the way you like to serve what your customers like. The game takes place in a cartoonish environment and therefore you come across cartoonish characters that are mostly animals. But the animals do have a variety of tastes that can even beat that of the humans. Veg, non veg, spicy, non spicy, fruit mix, vegetable mix and what not, the demand is endless, so are the number of consumers. Having made up a very good brand name before itself, Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 too lives upto the hype its previous versions or installments have generated. The application is extremely smooth and provides all the necessary fun the kids require on a game. The 3D graphics, animations and the sound effects will be reminiscent of the cartoon movies viewed on the big screen. The controls are very simple with just the right touches and swipes on the objects and characters doing the trick.

Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2 Android App

On the downside, there is no form of assistance or verbal descriptions provided in the game. The users who are mostly kids need to extract the details mostly from the visual clues. The customer’s demands should be made out from the expression on their faces. They always show some negativity or positivity each time you pick an ingredient. As a result, you will need a fair amount of practice initially. Nevertheless, it will soon get addictive in due course.


Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 can provide unlimited fun and entertainment in addition to making the users familiar with all types of cooking and baking. Splendid artworks, topnotch graphics and funny sound effects can contribute together in making this one a real kid’s favourite in no time.

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