Glitchamaphone Music Making App Review

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There is always something sparkling and smart about Apple apps. For those who those who one of those super expensive Apple phones, it is a surely a world that calls for envies. However, there have often been talks about how there aren’t many scopes for creative minds when it comes to apps. This is where iTunes has something new to present to its loyalists. Glitchamaphone is a music-making app designed for iPad and has been designed by the creators of Glitch in co-operation with music-game geniuses. The app costs $1.99 to download from iTunes Store.


Glitchamaphone app has got a host of new and interesting things that will keep music enthusiasts as well as non-enthusiasts hooked to it for hours. Creating and editing fun music pieces is very simple with this one. You will be provided with up to 5 animated characters that would play a variety of musical instruments for you. The animations are hand-drawn and you can also witness a variety of natural material present in the background. Certain environmental effects also change in according with the music piece that is being played. The app is a change to help explore your unique musical talent with ease. Compose music without having to learn musical instruments for real.

Glitchamaphone Music Making App Review

As many as three settings and environments are available, and that too with their unique styles. The creativity that designed have integrated within the intuitive controls is simply amazing. The in-depth sequencer makes your music appear all the more real and lively. Glitchamaphone app is highly user-friendly as those who are not very tech-savvy have found this app pretty amazing.


Glitchamaphone app runs on iOS 4.3. All the recent and upgraded version of iPad can run this app smoothly. Though the app is not free, it has got plenty of things that will justify the amount of money that you are spending on it. So, grab it before all your friends start talking about it!

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