Touch Calendar Android App Review

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With most calendar apps, it is tough to plan everything when you’re looking at couple of days on the interface. What is helpful for most professionals is a whiteboard type of thing into which things can be scribbled in. Touch Calendar for Android provides such a big calendar canvas that provides it all from one zoomable and scrollable view. You can get Touch Calendar for $3.85 from Google Play Store.


Touch Calendar app for Android frees you from having to flip between different calendar views to catch a glance of all your schedules that spreads across days or weeks. It allows you to view all your Google Calendar details with perfect clarity even on a 3 inch or 4 inch screen. The app does not display you what is happening on a day. Instead, it shows the bigger picture, just like your desktop calendar does. Most people use color customization in their Google Calendars to reflect a particular event type. The app integrates well with Google Calendar that the color schemes you’d set in the latter are carried over to Touch Calendar. The best part of Touch Calendar for Android is that you can zoom in or out and pan around as needed. A simple pinch will move you from a one-month-to-a-screen to a one-day-to-a-screen view or anything in between, and allows you to pan about at the same zoom level. Further, when you zoom, the text size remains the same. That is, even if the amount of text viewable changes, you can at least always read them. Customization options include both dark and other colored themes.

Touch Calendar Android App Review

Touch Calendar app for Android features a full-fledged appointment entry system that exactly replicate the desktop calendar. You also have the option to go directly to a year between 1900 and 2100AD. The app also offers widget support so that you can view your calendar directly on your phone’s home screen. Touch Calendar app requires Android OS versions 2.3 or higher.


Touch Calendar app for Android allows you to catch most info in one glance. You got one view, and you can pan/zoom as required to see the details. You only got to touch the calendar to scroll forward or backward. It also features calendar search and custom repeating events. The UI is intuitive. Setting up an event is easy. The app is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you want a calendar utility that provides a comprehensive perspective of all your scheduled events in a single view.

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