Nighty Night Circus Android App Review

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Your kids are the life of the house during the day, and you would probably want them to turn off their hyper active mode and go to sleep at night. Since, it is difficult to make them fall asleep easily, you should try the most popular bedtime app of all time Nighty Night Circus for. With more than 3 million parents bringing their kids to bed every day, this app is something you should definitely have to ensure that your kid’s bedtime comprises of animations, colours and bedtime stories. Let us find out what Nighty Night Circus app has got for our toddlers out there!


The thought behind Nighty Night Circus app for Android is to offer kids with a colourful circus setting so that they can relieve as well as calm their hyperactive senses. These friendly and cute animals can be brought to bed simply by blowing off the candles! Since these circus animals entertain by showing various tricks, they make going-to-sleep a ritual that kids can sleep without. The narration is great, soft and joyous, evoking the right temperament in kids. Also, sweet lullaby music is offered as a background score, to create the perfect sleep ambience for them. Though this app is a great one and all you need to know about it are its various applications and controls, it is somewhat nice to know a little about its maker. Oscar Nominee Heidi Wittlinger is its maker. The app is configured and its characters and events are made in a rather indigenous way by using little sets made of props and paper to bring out the 2D animations and illustrations.

Nighty Night Circus Android App Review

Nighty Night Circus app can be upgraded to have all the new features and highlights. We should say in this context that the animations and designs are pretty stunning. The eight interactive animals include Elephant, Owl, Bear, Lion, Seal, Rabbit and Fleas. There is also no language constraint while using the app, as there are as many as 16 languages configured.


Though Nighty Night Circus app cost $2.99, it is very much worth the money we are asked to spend on it. Moreover, more and more parents are of the opinion that their kids find it easy to go to sleep within the shortest time. So, go grab this app, before your child grows up!

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