ACTPrinter iPhone App Review

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ACTPrinter app for iPhone allows you to print any document from your Mac/PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Developed by Houdah Software, it is a game changing application which finally takes the paper out of electronic tickets, boarding passes and more.

Features of ACTPrinter iPhone App

  • Prints documents, emails, WebPages and more from any program on your computer directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Your computer will automatically detect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when connected to your AirPort or WI-FI network and so no need to type an IP address.
  • ACTPrinter sorts out your printouts by order, date or title.
  • The app organizes printouts into groups by selecting ‘edit mode’ and then selecting’ selections’.
  • You can change the name of any printout.
  • You can delete printouts with a swipe or using edit. It works just like in the mail app.
  • Help and troubleshooting guide included in the application.

ACTPrinter iPhone Productivity App

Beyond serving as a medium for tickets and the like ACTPrinter application is also a document reader. It takes emails, WebPages, letters and more with you for reading on the go. ACT Printer serves a printer for “virtual paper” stored on iPhone or iPod Touch. Documents finally become mobile and electronic tickets attain ultimate convenience. Bar codes may be scanned right off the display of your phone or iPod Touch. Basically what the app does is that it sends any of your documents stored on your Mac, print to your iPhone. Instead of printing the document and hassling with the printer, you can just print the documents to your iPhone and share it virtually.

How ACT Printer app works

First you have to have a Mac for ACTPrinter app to work. Then log on to the Houdah website to download the ACTPrinter software. Then make sure your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same WI-FI network. Finally go under the print menu in any of your documents and choose to print them to your iPhone.


In all ways the application worked flawlessly with no problems. The major downfall is that you have to have a Mac. ACTPrinter app is the No.1 green application featured in PCWorld Magazine of April 2011. Now with ACTPrinter iPhone app, the documents travel with you.

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