Moon+ Reader App for Android Review

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If you are in the habit of reading eBooks in your Android phone, online or otherwise, perhaps this is one application that you should seriously consider having in your gadget. It supports multiple formats and languages, have different themes to choose from, and a very pleasing user interface.

How Moon+ Reader App Works

Moon+ Reader app for Android has got a very simple layout that is very easy to navigate around. Once installed, Moon+ Reader automatically integrates any eBooks that is already saved in the SD card into the app. Also, you can opt to download eBooks from the multiple eBooks catalogue that comes pre-installed. The search function comes handy to sort your choice of books or based on any particular writer. On the downside, each catalogue seems to use a different search filter; so the precision of results seem to vary a bit.

The same search feature can be made use of to search the eBooks in your SD Card. Moon+ Reader supports multiple file types such as txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS. Also, it is a fully customizable application; you can change the font, font size, alignment, orientation, margins, line spacing, background image or even set up hardware buttons to perform specific actions (such as turning the page). The app also got a day-night mode, read-aloud feature and option for bookmarking. The coolest feature in the app however is the ability to highlight and mark passages as you wish. You can then add it to your notes, and have it translated (if in a foreign language) using Send to Dictionary feature.

Moon+ Reader App for Android

The graphical part of Moon+ Reader application certainly stands out. The page-turning animation and book shelf style browsing gives a pleasing experience to the reader. If you are a person who frequently looks for variety, you’ll love the fact that the Moon+ Reader app also supports 10+ themes.

If to point out another negative, the app does not support PDF.

The pro version of Android Moon+ Reader app (priced at $4.50) comes with added features such as multi-point touch , headset and Bluetooth key control, sharing of annotations, direct-to-book home screen shortcuts, highlights and bookmarks, ad free and a “shake to read” function.

Final Thoughts

Except for the lack of support for PDF, Moon+ Reader Android app has everything you look for in an eBook reader for your smartphone. It is easy to use, feature rich, and above all, comes at a reasonable price tag. Verdict: A must have for your Android phone/tab if you are an avid reader.

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