AdBlock iPhone App Review

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AdBlock for iPhone is the original ad-blocker, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need. There are no subscriptions required because this is a one-time purchase. On your iOS device, you may use AdBlock to prevent advertisements. 99% of unwanted popups, banners, and video advertising are gone. Protect your privacy, restrict bandwidth usage, speed up your smartphone, conserve power, and vastly improve your iOS experience on a daily basis. AdBlock includes a built-in DNS proxy service. It may be used to see which domains your device is communicating with. Right on your device, you may make your own rules and assign any IP address to any domain. You may use online guidelines to help you get started with this functionality. The ability to export and import DNS proxy rules has been improved in AdBlock. Share DNS proxy rules with other users, and import rules from the web with ease.

Speed up your device

Safari Content Blocker is included with AdBlock to prevent advertisements on webpages in Safari. AdBlock allows you to construct your own list of websites and use iCloud to synchronise your rules across all of your devices. By blocking mobile trackers using AdBlock, you can preserve your privacy. Prevent Internet trackers from capturing and selling your personal information. Your Internet traffic is not routed through a distant server when you use AdBlock. Your connections remain direct, quick, and secure at all times. It’s easy to set up AdBlock! Simply download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to get everything set up. AdBlock uses iCloud to synchronise settings, making them available across all of your devices. Every time AdBlock is used, the filters are updated to the most recent version.

AdBlock iPhone App Review

Filter unwanted traffic

Wi-Fi and cellular networks are both supported by AdBlock. It’s not necessary to set it up for each network separately. When you install AdBlock, you’ll get a convenient widget that allows you to rapidly adjust the DNS proxy state. Directly within the app, call the dedicated support line; they’ll walk you through the setup process and answer any issues you might have. AdBlock for iOS is compatible with 64-bit iOS 12 and later devices. Even an older iPhone or iPad can benefit from ad-blocking. AdBlock for iOS protects your privacy by preventing mobile trackers from tracking you. Prevent Internet trackers from logging your site and app usage. The setup takes less than 30 seconds to complete. The app is priced $1.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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