Adguard App for Android Review

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The web is a treasure trove of information. For marketers, it is also a productive space to promote their products in the form of ads. But for the average user like you and me, such ad pop ups are perennial annoyance. This is why we’re excited about Adguard app for Android. This app is supposed to block all ads at the door itself. You can get Adguard app with basic ad-blocking feature for free. For its full set of features, you got to shell out $19.99, for a premium license covering PC and phone.


Adguard app for Android prevents ads from showing up in your browser, email, or simply anywhere else in your smartphone. In fact, not only it provides an ad-free browsing experience, the app also keeps you safe from phishing attacks, malware, and other threats. The best part is that the app does this without any root access, and comes with browsing security via anonymity.

Adguard App for Android

Adguard app for Android is pretty easy to install and set up. Simply install it from the website (not Google Play Store) and boot it up. Click on the big screen button and you’re done. Once you finish install, you’ll see that all the annoying ads are gone. The same goes for other features the app offers. You don’t have to do anything else with the app or its settings. The app is stable and responsive.


Adguard app for Android is certainly of great value. It totally frees you from those annoying ads in your phone. The result is less time fretting and more time browsing. It also got additional features such as protection against phishing attacks, malware etc. You only need the basic free version if you’re only looking for basic ad-blocking. For comprehensive ad-removal across apps, you got to subscribe for $19.99 per year license. If you use your mobile phone all day long, this is a reasonable enough price tag to keep the ads at bay. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a utility to block off the ads.

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