Jaeger Strike App for Android Review

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If you love fast paced games, check this one out. Jaeger Strike app for Android is a unique arcade shooting game wherein you’re in a fast paced mission while fighting off intergalactic foes. Excellent graphics and wonderful sound effects make the game much more interesting and fun to play. You can get Jaeger Strike Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Jaeger Strike app for Android features ten missions with three difficulty levels to test your skills. In the game, you got to pilot a ship through different sectors and fight against dozens of enemy types and combat turrets. The developers seem to have put in a lot effort in the design department, and it pays off in spades. The game has stunning graphics, backed by special effects and sounds. It is also slick and smooth. The layout of the game is also pretty good, with easily accessible menus and simple self explanatory options. You got four different methods to control your Jaeger ship, including tilt controls and tap controls. You can choose your favorite method from the in-game menu. You also got an option to turn on or off vibration depending upon your preferences.

Jaeger Strike Android Game App

Of course, you can upgrade your weapons as you advance through the levels and collect more in-app currency. Jaeger Strike app for Android also utilizes Google Play services allowing high scores and other achievements to be viewed by other players as well. The game is also pretty stable throughout.

Final Thoughts

Jaeger Strike app for Android is for those who love fast paced arcade games with lots of potential for destruction. In this game, you can even blow up a space station. With ten missions and three difficulty levels, Jaeger Strike app has lots to play for. The game play is challenging and interesting. You also got lots of customization options. The 3D graphics is breathtaking. The sound effects complement the action on screen. The UI is well designed and user friendly. Integration with Google Play services helps you showcase your achievements and high scores to the world. Overall, a thrilling arcade style shooter worth checking out.

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