Air Sharing iPhone App Review

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Air Sharing is a file storage application for iPhone smartphones. Its primary purpose is to transform the Apple iPhone into a wireless portable drive, for easily transporting, alongside viewing files on-the-go. However, it has some more features that make it worth for $7 per download.

Functionality of Air Sharing iPhone App

The most important and notable feature of Air Sharing mobile application for iPhone is that it does not require any additional software to transfer the files to and from the user PC. In order to transfer a file, users need to first launch the app, connect to the device’s web address from a PC, assuming that the PC as well is connected to the same Wireless Network. The instructions for doing the same are available in the app’s help tab, if you are not so familiar with any of the networking stuff.

Once connection is established, the user can drop any file or folder into the iPhone, like in a USB drive. Users can transfer and view virtually any Phone-supported files, such as spreadsheets, documents, photos, and movies, to name a few. To view a file, simply tap on it, and if to delete it, tap the edit and press the delete sign. Also, there is an option to password protect one’s connections from outside interference.

Air Sharing’s earlier versions had some issues when it comes to establishing connection with the PC. But the new versions seem to have fixed that bug, and now it is quite easy to make a connection. Also, PDF files are not displayed properly in Air Sharing.

Features of Air Sharing app for iPhone

Air Sharing iPhone mobile application offers a unique pop up menu that lets users jump forth and back in a hierarchical sequence of folders. The app also offers a useful display of each file or folder’s size (in terms of number of items or disk space), as well as the date/time of the creation of the said file/folder in the iPhone, like in the Windows OS.

Overall, Air Sharing is a decent file storage app to have in your iPhone. Not only it is user friendly, but it also got some extra features that make the app different from its competitors. True, it got some drawbacks as well; but overall, the app scores above par. Given its utility, the $7 price tag for a license of Air Sharing iPhone app is worth the money spent.

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