ShopMagic BlackBerry Shopping App Review

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ShopMagic is a handy shopping manager app for BlackBerry mobile phones that will make you a responsible shopper. ShopMagic app not only lets users create and email their shopping lists, but also categorize the shopping based on stores. Please read ahead to find out more about ShopMagic.

How ShopMagic BlackBerry App Works?

ShopMagic app for BlackBerry streamlines the shopping experience by letting the user manage shopping lists, thereby making the process of shopping a lot easier experience. The app helps plan out one’s shopping in such a way that there will be no chance to forget any item from the said list. It is also possible to make an estimate as to how much you are about to spend.

The Create List mode lets the users create a shopping list, add an item, enter its quantity, and even mention if the item has a coupon. The items can also be categorized. The app also lets the users add, delete, or edit the items in the list as required. Finally, one could view the shopping list created by switching to the Go Shopping mode with a single click.

More Features of BlackBerry ShopMagic App

ShopMagic mobile app for BlackBerry also provides the users the list of items they commonly use/shop. The app also comes inbuilt with a list of stores, which is a very useful feature, given the fact that users are supposed to prepare separate shopping lists for the stores that they visit often. Further, items can be categorized to correspond with the aisles of a store. Even though, this needs to be entered manually the first time, it comes really handy in subsequent visits to the store. This is one notable feature of ShopMagic, which most other shopping management apps do not have.

Also, the shopping lists can be emailed to others, or can be printed if you’re a type of person who prefers paper shopping lists to electronic ones.

Final Words

ShopMagic makes the shopping experience a lot organized, and an easy outing. No longer you will forget items, or get the budgeting all wrong at the end of the shopping experience. Priced at $12.95, ShopMagic is a handy app to have in your BlackBerries, especially if you are the type of person who plans your shopping/budget in advance.

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