Alarm Clock HD App for iPhone Review

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Alarm Clock HD app for iPhone is your typical alarm clock and more. It let you set alarms to be awoken at that specific time, alongside displaying for you RSS, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, weather info and battery levels, to name some of them. Alarm Clock HD iPhone app may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

How Alarm Clock HD works?

Alarm Clock HD app for iPhone displays everything on the home screen. But the time is displayed quite prominently and unobstructed; so no worries there. The time is surrounded by temperature, weather, day, date, and battery info. Social (Twitter and Facebook) and RSS feeds comes at the bottom. The button on top left enables a white screen and turns on the flash. It comes handy if you want to find something in the dark. Button that takes you to the settings screen can be found at the top right of the screen.

Alarm Clock HD App for iPhone

In terms of features, you can opt to set your own alarms, and let the alarm sound or music fade in gently. You can set the fade in duration when the alarm fires. Further, you can opt to wake up to your favorite songs via iPod music alarms. The snooze button is pretty large to escape your notice. The weather information is current and includes local temperature, wind details and weather description. And you don’t have to select a location manually to get the weather info. Also, you’ll get to see the time in AM/PM or 24 hr format as you’ve configured in the iPhone settings. The settings page gives you the options to configure your alarm, feeds and other functional settings.

Alarm Clock HD iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or higher. The app is also available in an ad-supported free format.


Alarm Clock HD app for iPhone not only wakes you up in the morning, but also treats you to a variety of much need info such as weather (and of course SNS if you are a social person) on the home screen. You can individually set the song(s) that you want to wake up to. The sleep timer option comes handy. You can set the duration of the song so that the song automatically stops after the set time elapses. Verdict: A handy alarm app to have in your iPhone. All its other features are bonus.

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