Voice Answer App for iPhone Review

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If your iPhone does not have Siri or Siri doesn’t recognize your dialect/accent, try Voice Answer app. It is a capable enough Siri alternative that could play a video, make a post to Facebook or send a text on your command. Voice Answer iPhone app may be downloaded from iTunes for a reasonable $1.99.

Voice Answer App Features

You tell Voice Answer app for iPhone to do something, and the app in turn connects to the server online to find what you need. So, you need an active internet connection to use Voice Answer. As per its developers, the knowledge base behind the app contains ‘Wolfram Alpha’, which gives you an enormous amount of information in your pocket. Wolfram Alpha is an impressive knowledge engine. So it can be taken for granted that you won’t be disappointed on the information front at least.

Voice Answer App for iPhone

When you first open the Voice Answer iPhone app, you’ll be impressed by the animated 3D image of the bot. But it soon gives way to disappointment as the screen turns into a dull interface having options to tap the face to start conversation, settings and keyboard input. Like in Siri, all things are done through conversations in Voice Answer for iPhone. Using Voice Answer, you can Google a term, set reminders, post anything on Facebook, text/email, call home, search a nearby restaurant and lot more. The optional keyboard input and the ability to record conversations are additional features over Siri. Above all, Voice Answer supports 54 languages at present.

If to compare Siri and Voice Answer, both perform well for most parts. The ad-supported free version of Voice Answer has less ‘intelligence’ as it does not have the complete knowledge base behind it. Voice Answer business application is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 and upwards.


As a voice command application, Voice Answer app for iPhone performs reasonably well. Those who struggle to communicate using their dialect to Siri may try this for a change. It might work. Voice Answer is powered by the proven Wolfram Alpha knowledge base ensuring accurate results all the time. Multilanguage support and keyboard input options come handy. The blank dull user interface is a downer though. Verdict: Try this out if you’re looking for an upgrade from Siri.

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