Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer Android App Review

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A perfectly serviceable alarm clock and timer comes with your Android phone, so you might not think to download another one. That may be true, but if you’re looking for more features, more customization options, and more commanding alarms than your stock clock comes with, Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer for Android is here. The app costs $1.49 to download from Google Play.


Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer for Android is an alarm clock that focuses on the little things. There are lots of customizations for alarms including configurable snooze options. You can even use this alarm to set a favorite song as your alarm. What set this spaced out from the rest is the configuration options. You can even have it ask you things like math problems before it turns off the alarm to make sure you’re fully awake. The free version is full featured but ad supported and the paid version gets rid of ads. There are loads of configuration options including fade in settings, setting up math problems to turn off alarms, and setting songs as ringtones. Free version of Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer is full featured and that’s always a plus. Other custom features include auto-dismiss alarms, auto-snooze alarms, and shake-to-snooze. The alarm allows you to repeat it on certain days and has a number of dismissal methods. You have the option to release via Captcha, maths problem, shake, button and dock. All of which work magnificently well.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Timer Android App Review

Also like most other alarm apps you can have a crescendo alarm so you don’t wake too abruptly. It consists of a widget that states when the subsequent alarm is, which looks good on your home screen. That just gives you an idea of the kind of configuration options you have. Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer is one of the most all the rage and trusted alarm apps with over 10 million download.


Its interface looks like something straight out of the Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich days, and that’s probably because it hasn’t had a significant UI overhaul since then. To be fair, an alarm clock doesn’t need to be pretty to work. All of the features and tools that Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer for Android offers can actually be a detriment to just setting a quick alarm for a nap, or setting a timer for eggs or something.

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