Alone iPhone Game App Review

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Alone app for iPhone is a side scrolling endless running type of game – yes, yet another one – wherein you control a spacecraft with a single finger through falling debris and rocks. The game play is pretty intense, and your aim is to score the highest possible. You can get Alone app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Alone app for iPhone is a 2D side scrolling endless arcade game that can be best described as Canabalt in space. The premise is that the world is crumbling and you’re trying to maneuver your spacecraft through the ruins without getting hit. You got to navigate through narrow gaps between rocks, while avoiding falling debris, giant rocks, and flying comets. You control the spacecraft using one finger. You can move it up or down and you got to slide your finger in that direction on the screen. In fact, this is the primary control and the only way in which the game could be played. The spacecraft moves with the slightest touch of your finger on the screen. The motion is controlled and beautifully precise to the point where it looks telepathic. There are constant obstacles to dodge. When nothing is falling on you, then you have to fly through narrow gaps. And then there are comets flying towards you. Your spacecraft got shields to protect against small knocks. But bigger rocks/comets could wipe out the shields, and you’ll be vulnerable until the shield regenerates. Keep in mind that the shield is helpless against rock formations that you got to fly through.

Alone iPhone App Review

Alone iPhone game warns you of impending obstructions so that you can prepare yourself to move out of the way in time. Of all the obstacles, dodging the comets is the toughest act. The challenge gets tougher as you progress. The game has three levels, and you got to reach a certain score in the previous level to unlock the next one. Please note that the score limit increases with each level. The graphics is minimalistic. The vibrant color-changing backgrounds and simplistic angular object design are impressive. Each level has a different color theme. Sound effects add to the overall feel. The game is also reasonably stable and responsive. Alone game app requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Alone app for iPhone is an exciting fast paced runner with simple controls and pretty challenging game play. It is an intense survival journey through space, wherein you got to navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores to unlock the next levels. The graphics is simple yet colorful, while the background score quite entertaining. The best part is that Alone app has no in-app purchases to make. The app is also stable and responsive. Alone is a universal app that works with almost all iPhone and iPad models.

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