Pimp Your Screen iPhone App Review

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When you are sad or bored, what do you do? Well, generally we take our phones and glance on it randomly. If that is the truth for you as well then you got to make your screen look happy enough to make you happy whenever you look at it! Pimp Your Screen for iPhone is the newest app designed for iOS users and it has a backpack full of backgrounds, unique themes and other eye candy stuffs that can help improve the look of your phone screen and give it a dazzling new shade everyday! It has some really cool features which will match perfectly without phone as well as your personality! Pimp Your Screen app costs $2.99 for iTunes App Store.


You can surely guess that Pimp Your Screen iPhone app presents some diverse designs which you will be thrilled to gaze at. They range from Sci-Fi, Abstract, Cartoon, Nature, Sports, Animation, Cities, Holiday destinations and many more. You have a creative flair and cannot hope to stick to the given themes at all times. So, wield your creativity and create your own designs with the help of lock as well as home screen makers. Your lock screens can have customized frames and you can even customize the date and time features. For unique home screens you can always grab some App shelves and Icon Screens to create absolutely unique home screens. Selfie addicts can use their own customized photographs for themes.

Pimp Your Screen iPhone App Review

The popular galleries that one will observe within Pimp Your Screen for iPhone will offer changes to catch the preview features. So, you don’t need to unnecessarily save every design to know how it looks on your screen. The pictures can adjust with your phone with perfection in case of both original as well as zoomed versions. The content cached size is completely adjustable and the user himself can get to decide how much space he is ready to give the app. So, what does Pimp Your Screen app do to keep you addicted to it each day? It adds some eye candy features every single day! So, you would always be up and going to catch the updates. Did we mention that seasonal content updates as well as updates for special holidays will also be blinking on your app!


Pimp Your Screen app for iPhone has been updated recently and the newest version works even more smoothly. Setting designs from the Home and Lock Screen Maker has become easier with this version. The text module of the updated version has some really beautiful fonts to appeal to your quirky and chirpy side! In short, the app is completely worth your time.

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