iTeacherBook iPhone App Review

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The summer vacations might be still on. But for teachers, they might be already preparing for the next academic year. After all, they got to deal with the new class, new students, and sometimes a new subject they’re assigned to teach. But with iTeacherBook for iPhone, teachers can plan things effectively and efficiently. This planner app has all the features that might be required to run your classes and subjects. iTeacherBook can be downloaded for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


iTeacherBook for iPhone is a planner app tailor made for the teacher community. It is also easy to use. At the bottom of the screen are options including a calendar, a planner, tasks and assignments to manage, and a tab to show what needs to be done at the specific date. It is easy to enter the courses and lectures. Every day you will see the plan of the classes you need to give, with the possibility to edit any detail. Additional feature allows adding notes to your classes. Seemingly you can also plan your days off and vacations. You can attach students to every course, and track their attendance in real-time as well as for past events in case you forgot to do it during the class time. Anytime, you can check how many students are enrolled to the course and how many attended each class. iTeacherBook app for iPhone also let you save the grades you’d given on tests, and it even comes with a convenient backup system that let you transfer all your data back to your computer.

iTeacherBook iPhone App Review

Of course, it is tough to remember every schedule you’d planned. iTeacherBook app reminds you of every event and assignment to hand out, as well as of tests and exams that you need to host. The app also got a wonderful system of grades calculation. You can grade every student based on letter, points and percent grading scales that you can customize for each and every course you teach. Last but not the least, iTeacherBook for iPhone provides you the option of creating various types of reports and exporting them as .csv files to iTunes or Mail. You can preview the reports before sending it.


iTeacherBook app for iPhone is an incredibly useful tool for teachers around the globe. With the app, you can have all the required info, schedules, targets, grades and assignments in one place, rather than multiple spread sheets in your PC. Another standout feature is the ability to generate multiple reports and easily share/export them. The UI layout is user friendly. The app is also stable. We would suggest that you check out the app yourself and see how well it suits your requirements.

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