Alzex Finance iPhone App Review

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If you are in the lookout for a solid finance management app, check this one out: Alzex Finance for iPhone. Given the complexity of finance categories and calculations, most finance tools found in App Store are either too complicated in its design or confusing to the users. But Alzex Finance app had managed to nail it sans compromising on its functionality or ease of use/design. You can get Alzex Finance iPhone app for $9.99 from iTunes App Store.


Alzex Finance app for iPhone is unique in its category for its total simplicity and clearness. The core concept behind the app lies in grouping expenses and income into categories. This is useful because one can see where money is going and how much is spent at a single glance, without the need to examine the reports. The system of categories is designed as a tree structure that could have the unlimited number of sub categories. Each category may fall into sub categories, each of which may further fall into more sub categories. Additionally, expenses and income can be grouped by family members, payee and assigned special tags. This allows the user to see the flow of money in general and then drill down into details.

Alzex Finance iPhone App

With Alzex Finance app for iPhone, you can sync between multiple iOS devices and PCs. Several users can work with a single database and sync changes over the Internet using Dropbox cloud service. Users can work with a single file from several computers at the same time (on the network). Of course, you can set up password protection and access restriction to keep certain areas secure. The app comes with a rich set of data management tools. It supports batch editing, transaction grouping, sorting, and a flexible set of filters. It also supports an unlimited number of currencies. The available list already contains almost all currencies of the world, plus precious metals. Also you can add your own currencies, including “virtual” ones. The app also features a scheduler, a feature to track debts and credits, and a budget planner. Alzex Finance is also available in a stripped down free version.


Alzex Finance for iPhone is a well rounded personal finance tool. There aren’t many that this useful app can’t handle. From budget planning, tracking debts and credits and collaborative access to checking the exchange rates, setting up reminders, ability to group expenses and income into categories, and syncing between iOS devices, the app has all the bases covered. Given the set of features it got, the app is relatively easy to manage and use, thanks to its user friendly design. Overall, a super easy accounting software for home users. Check it out.

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