Link2SD Plus Android App Review

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Memory and storage are always a major concern for most of the smart phone users, especially when you own a device having lesser internal storage space. Link2SD is built for that very purpose, to move all your data consuming apps into your external storage thereby increasing the efficiency and performance of your device. The app is ad-free and can be downloaded for $1.6 from Google Play Store. There is also an ad supported free version if you want to try.


Link2SD Plus app for Android acts like a high end application manager for your phone. With a simple and easy interface, freeing up your memory is just a few touches away. The application uses two main options to free up memory – creating links for your app and moving the entire app to your memory card. The home-screen lists the details of almost all the applications present in the device. You can select your apps whether individually or in groups and tap on the ‘Actions’ tab to open up a set of options to move your app, create a link to your memory card and so on. Though the process of moving your apps and setting up links are almost similar, a slightly better option will be the latter one. What the app does is that it creates a secondary partition in your external storage and moves all of your app’s details into it, thereby freeing up your system storage.

Link2SD Plus Android App

Link2SD Plus Android app links all the library files, application files, cache and internal data unlike the normal built in ‘Move to SD Card’ method that just moves the apk file alone to the memory. You can access almost all the apps including most of your system apps and have them linked or moved. There are also options to uninstall, freeze, unfreeze, clear data, clear cache etc within the application. To begin using the app, you must have a rooted Android device. You should also create two partitions on your SD card with one of them being a FAT partition. Though it sounds complicated, the procedure is quite simple and can be done with utmost ease.


With Link2SD Plus app put into best use, you can now stop worrying about the space used and space remaining in your Android phone. Increase your memory, speed up your phone and boost up the performance with this incredible application.

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