Amerigo App for iPhone Review

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Amerigo app for iPhone is a comprehensive and intuitive tabbed web browser application that lets you download videos, documents, mp3, and pictures from the internet directly while browsing. The app is tightly integrated with Dropbox means you can quickly store the files downloaded without taking up your phone memory. Amerigo iPhone app comes as at just $1.99 in iTunes App Store.

How Amerigo App works?

Amerigo App for iPhone lets you download files from sites while you’re browsing. For example, if you want to download a video/photo/document, start the video, select the photo or the document on the website to download, and simply tap on the ‘download’ button that appears automatically on the screen. Done! You can store the files that you’ve selected to download in the phone memory, or opt to upload it to Dropbox cloud, the app being seamlessly integrated with Amerigo by default. The files are saved to the media archive with the possibility to create folders and subfolders.

Amerigo App for iPhone

But Amerigo iPhone productivity app is not about facilitating downloads alone. Using the app, you can start multiple and simultaneous downloads, pause, restart or watch the previews as you wish. Further, you can create mixed playlists of audio and video files, and the execution of the playlist can continue in background even after the application is minimized or closed. Amerigo also lets you watch/listen to streaming files saved in Dropbox cloud.

Other important features you might like in Amerigo iPhone application include slide show wherein you can move quickly from one site to another, an advanced PDF and eBook reader with miniatures, a PDF virtual printer that lets you change a website into a PDF file, air print and bookmarks, a full-fledged download manager with pause/restart options, and support for Microsoft Office files. The app also lets you save photos into your camera roll, not to mention its support for multitab browsing, quick search, and private browsing mode.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the habit of reading websites in your iPhone, perhaps you should consider downloading Amerigo App for iPhone. It acts as a tabbed browser, plus a useful download manager if you wish to download some of the site contents into your iPhone. Integration with Dropbox ensures that your iPhone memory is not exhausted. In fact, it got a host of other features that makes Amerigo an all-in-one type of iPhone app. Verdict: A browser app that could take your overall browsing experience to a new level altogether.

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