NonogramZ App for iPhone Review

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If teasing puzzles are your forte, and you have a special liking to Japanese puzzles, here is one such app to scratch your brains. NonogramZ app for iPhone is a Japanese picture logic puzzle wherein you got to figure out what each row/column would represent. NonogramZ iPhone Game app may be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

How NonogramZ App is played?

In NonogramZ app for iPhone, you got to color the squares in a grid so as to reveal a hidden image. You go about coloring the squares based on certain clues. In a sense, the game is similar to Sudoku and has certain traits of the traditional crosswords thrown in. But the reasoning part can be a lot challenging. NonogramZ iPhone game application comes with 225 puzzles of various sizes and complexity, which includes 150 black & white and 75 color puzzles ranging in sizes from 10×10 to 25×25, and the ability to use from 2 to 5 hints at a time along with hints with different sizes. You can preview the puzzles anytime.

NonogramZ App for iPhone

Other features of iPhone NonogramZ app include auto save option, which lets you save the puzzle you’re working on so that you can come back and complete it later on. This comes handy in situations wherein some important work comes up or you’ve got to switch screens to reply to an email or attend an incoming call. Further, you can roll back to the previous steps if you think you lost your way midway, and even save the game history. It is also possible to share in Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. The user interface is smooth and just perfect to aid the game play. It works well in both portrait and landscape orientations. NonogramZ is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and upwards.

One apparent downside is that there is no accompanying tutorial to teach you the game rules. You might have to search the web to learn about NonogramZ and how the puzzles are solved.

Final Thoughts

NonogramZ app for iPhone gives you the kick you expect from good puzzle games. The game is gripping and challenging throughout. Lack of a tutorial annoys some. The user interface and color schemes are just perfect. The auto save option comes handy, while the ability to roll back previous steps gives you another chance to right the wrong move made. Verdict: an exciting Japanese puzzle game to challenge your intellect.

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