My Great Recipes App for iPhone Review

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If you’ve ever felt that cooking is not your forte, think again! With My Great Recipes app for iPhone at your disposal, learning the ropes of culinary art is much more manageable than before, if not easier. You can have the My Great Recipes iPhone app from iTunes App Store for a nominal enough $0.99.

Features of My Great Recipes App

My Great Recipes app for iPhone is all about mouth watering recipes of dishes. It walks you through the process of preparing those dishes to the last step. Every recipe is accompanied with full color photos of the dish at its various stages of preparation so that you’ll always know how it’ll look like in each step. Some of the recipes that come with the app include warming soups, skillet suppers, treasured cookies & bars and more.

Can’t decide as to what to cook today? Perhaps the ‘Today’s Choice’ section could lend you a helping hand. You could find a different recipe by Betty everyday that was selected for the season and the day of the week. Since it comes from Betty, it can’t go wrong. Further, if you have some doubts regarding recipes that need clarification, you can write to Betty via email or send a voice message directly from within the app. Called ‘Ask Betty’, the section also provides you with additional recipes, cooking techniques and alternative ingredients answers that you might want to try out then and there.

My Great Recipes App for iPhone

With My Great Recipes iPhone app, you can make your own recipes collections. The app also got a sharing feature that lets you send your favorite recipes to friends and family via email or Facebook. And above all, the best part of My Great Recipes is that the recipes are updated every week with new recipes and new complete collections that you can download immediately. My Great Recipes application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and upwards. iPhone3GS users please excuse.

Final Thoughts

My Great Recipes app for iPhone is a perfect companion for all gourmet lovers out there. For one, it got loads of recipes, and secondly, each of those comes with detailed info on how it is prepared, including color photos of each and every stage of preparation. ‘Today’s Choice’ aids you if you’ve run out of ideas for any given day, while interaction with Betty could solve most of your doubts as far as recipe and cooking goes. To sum it up, My Great Recipes is a must have app if you wish to improve your culinary skills overnight.

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