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We tend to forget even important little things to accomplish on a given day, thanks to our exhaustive working days. In such scenario, a reminder app does come handy, and one such application that is worth your consideration is Checkmark app for iPhone by Snowman. The app lets you set location and time based reminders in as little as three taps on your iPhone screen. And it organizes your reminders by location and distance, making it easy to know what needs to be done closest to you. Checkmark iPhone app comes at a price of $0.99.

How Checkmark app works?

To use Checkmark app for iPhone efficiently, first you might have to spend some time entering your most visited/used locations. You can add locations by searching the map, import from your contacts or add them manually. Next, pick the radius for the location (such as 100, 300, 500 feet etc). This is a really handy feature as for some locations, you might want a reminder when you enter the general neighborhood, while for others, you only want to be reminded when you’re right on the spot. For each location, you can give a custom name and an icon (there are 9 icons to choose from).

Checkmark App for iPhone

Now you’re ready to create your location based reminders. In order to do that, just tap on one of the saved locations in the ‘Where’ tab, and you can add new ones by tapping on the ‘+’ symbol. You can give it a title, add note, and specify whether to be reminded when you arrive or depart from the said location. Use the timber button next to the Departure button to choose after how many minutes you wish to be reminded after arriving/departing from the location.

Creating time based reminders is also equally simple with Checkmark iPhone application. The only difference is that you switch to the ‘When’ tab on the home screen. There you’ll find only one button for selecting a date and time in the creation screen, instead of Arrival, Departure, and Timer buttons in the previous option. To view an organized list by location and distance, tap on the list icon, at the upper right corner of ‘Where’ tab. On the downside, the app misses the snooze and an option to create recurring reminders.


Checkmark app for iPhone offers an incredibly fast option to manually set up location/time based reminders. It might not be as quick as Siri. But then Apple’s built-in reminder app does not let you assign timer or location-based reminders. Verdict: A valuable addition to your repertory of iPhone apps.

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