Timer App for Android Review

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It is a pity that Android by default does not provide a stock timer application. But thanks to the power of Android OS, third party developers have been able to come up with their own applications, and the latest one on the block is the Timer app for Android. It is a simple yet handy timer that emulates the classic circular design of a physical timer with eye-catch aesthetics. Timer Android app may be downloaded for $0.99.

How Timer for Android works?

Timer app for Android is optimized for both smart phones and tablets. So irrespective of the size of your device, the app looks perfect on the screen all the time. The app is perfect to time all of your occasions; whether you’re counting the number of pushups you can manage in a minute or optimize the duration of your power nap, the app just fits the bill. The app would also be a perfect partner in your cooking extravaganzas when it comes to counting the seconds elapsed, no matter whether it is the beef wellington or your favorite keema on the stove.

Timer App for Android

Android Timer app got a very intuitive user interface and functions. Setting up your timer is a breeze. It supports timers in both seconds and minutes, and you can have virtually unlimited number of timers with your own labels if you want. So there are no limitations there, and you can even reuse them at will. If you’re using a tab, you could view all your timers on the left hand side pane. Another handy feature of Timer app is that you can back up your timers with your Google account. After all, we’re talking about Android apps.

Timer application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and above. A download size of only 623KB means the app won’t consume too much of your phone’s/tab’s memory resources either.


If you value your seconds and minutes, perhaps you’ll find Timer app for Android more than handy. Using the app, you can have multiple timers with your own labels, and it is customized for both seconds and minutes counting. Setting up a timer is pretty straightforward, while the user interface is appealing. Overall, a must have timer application if you’re still following the wall clock for counting your seconds/minutes.

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