An Overview of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0

| September 4, 2009 | 0 Comments

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is all about creating a secure, central environment for your communications software, apps, and wireless network, allowing you to use all the functions of your BlackBerry with confidence. The BES supports the US government encryption standard, the AES, and the Triple DES encryption standard used to ensure that all electronic payments are handled securely.  With this level of security you can be sure that any data you transmit using your wireless BlackBerry device won’t be compromised. If you need any special components for your business you will be pleased to know that the BES supports several optional apps, components and configurations, and allows for built to order apps.

A key feature of the BES 5.0 is the ability to manage BlackBerry devices and user accounts remotely through the BlackBerry Administration Service.  This tool has many functions and can even provide a second level administration access to certain functions, allowing some features to be managed without needing full administration rights access.
You can set up reporting features, alerts, and troubleshooting options for the overall BlackBerry environment using BES 5.0 and an ingenious use of colour coding allows a user or administrator to quickly identify whether problems are rooted with user issues or in the server.

For the person actually holding the phone BES 5.0 acts to make the whole smart phone more user friendly.  It allows a greater degree of control over the desktop features, such as organising emails, updating and rearranging diary entries, forwarding appointment details with attachments and managing file folders in e-mail.

In general terms BES 5.0 is a great tool for the business with staff on the move and can help make your administrators life much easier!

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