Android Mobile Application – The Demand of Gen X Mobile Users

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Whilst there are a few people left in the world who still want a phone just as a phone and think that they either don’t want or don’t need any of the additional apps and functions that come with today’s newest technology, there are many people who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest innovations.

Over the last ten years technology has rapidly evolved to give consumers ever more ready access to the functions that were previously only available on personal computers.  Communication while on the move is now achievable in so many different ways and no longer relies on wires connecting us to each other.

With the launch of smart phones, occasionally known as android phones, consumers have the ability to link to the internet, play music, send instant messages to friends, share information with business colleagues, take photos and hold a conversation.  The Apple iPhone 3G took the market by storm and surprised everyone with the overwhelming success of its Apps store.  To compete with this many other companies are investing in their won android phone technology and developing apps to run with them.  For example, we will soon see the gPhone from Google hitting the market, along with models from Samsung, and an android phone from Nokia, who are launching a range of Netbook phones.

The great part about all this competition for users is that each major player in the game will have to keep costs down while offering phones which incorporate industry leading software and user friendly apps.  The buyers have the power in this market and will dictate who wins and who loses in the race for a share of the android phone market.  Will the first to market iPhone developers now sit on their laurels and hope to maintain their place at the head of the game, or will they keep pushing the boundaries of what can be expected from mobile technology?  I think they will be the ones to keep driving the industry forward, but a little healthy competition can only help to keep them focussed and on the ball when it comes to keeping their customers.

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