Analytics Tiles App for iPhone Review

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Analytics Tiles app for iPhone provides an innovative way to view website statistics on your iPhone. The Windows 7.5 like tiled design is quite user friendly and easy on the eye. You can also interact with the data on each tile, watch it gracefully load, and touch and move it around as you wish. Analytics Tiles iPhone app may be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a nominal $2.99.

How Analytics Tiles App works?

Here is how Analytics Tiles app for iPhone presents the analytics report: each tile represents one report. It could be visits, average time, browsers, page views etc from your Google Analytics report. The app lets you add as many Google profiles and accounts as you wish. Tapping on a given tile enlarges the same to display the full analytics report. Double tap on a tile to toggle a tile full/half-row. Further, each website can have its own tiles, color and order. There is a limit to the number of tiles that could be loaded on the screen at a given time, owing to the limited screen real estate. In order to view the others, just scroll down and see new ones loading automatically, provided they are already created.

Analytics Tiles App for iPhone

In terms of features of iPhone Analytics Tiles app, you can drag-drop tiles to rearrange them in any order you want. In order to do that, tap and hold on the desired tile and drag and drop to the required position. It is also possible to resize the tiles and add/Remove tiles from a bank of about 50 different tile/report types. To change a website, swipe right/left. Swipe all the way down and release to change color while swipe still down to release to add new tiles.

To use Analytics Tiles for iPhone, you should have a Google Analytics account with at least one active website. Analytics Tiles iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 and upwards.

Final Thoughts

Analytics Tiles app for iPhone virtually puts Google Analytics reports on your finger tips in a tiled format. Manipulating the tiles is a cake walk. The layout is extremely clean and simple, while the intuitive gesture controlled user interface stands out for its user friendliness. Beautiful animations add to its charm. But there is a certain ‘Windows’ feel that you can’t ignore. Overall, Analytics Tiles a handy app for your iPhone if your business mandates a close eye on your website analytics reports.

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