Holoku App for Android

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If you are not getting enough of those brain scratching Sudoku puzzles in your Android smartphone, perhaps you should try out the new Holoku app. Built on the beautifully crafted Holo theme, the app offers some exciting levels of teasing Sudoku puzzles to quench your puzzle-thirst. Holoku Android app could be downloaded for a nominal enough $1.99, wherein the said version also comes with free 20-level demo.

How Holoku Game is played?

Holoku app for Andorid is a puzzler’s delight, to say the least. If most Sudoku puzzle applications have limited number of puzzle boards, Holoku gives that in plenty. Never will you feel running out of good Sudoku puzzles when you have this app opened in front of you. To look into details, Holoku comes with 500 boards, split evenly between five difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Challenging, Difficult, and Expert, in that order. According to the developers of Holoku, the boards will be updated monthly with additional packs. The said packs come free of cost and are not part of any in-app purchases that some other free apps are notorious for.

Holoku App for Android

The graphics part of Holoku Android app is excellent so are the sound effects. It is pleasing to the eyes and quite user friendly as well. If to point out a downside (if it can be called so), the application is compatible only with the relatively newer versions of the Android OS: Gingerbread and above. If your phone still got Froyo (2.2) OS, you can’t play the game without first upgrading your OS to Gingerbread at least.

Final Thoughts

If Sudoku is your way of revitalizing your brains, then Holoku app for Android is for you. It has loads of Sudoku puzzles, categorized across multiple levels of increasing difficulty. In that sense, it suits players of all caliber and ages. New puzzles are added every month for free of cost means you are never short of challenging Sudoku puzzles anytime. The graphics is just brilliant, while the sound effects add to the overall feel. The Holo theme on which the app is built is simply eye-catchy. Overall, a must have application to have in your Android device if you are a fan of Sudoku puzzles.

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