Friend Lock Pro App for Android Review

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Giving your phone to your friend can get tricky at times; you give your new smartphone to your buddy to look at something, and the next thing you discover is that they’ve read your text message, view the photos or posted an update on your social network, all without your permission. Now with Friend Lock Pro app for Android at your disposal, it is possible to keep the personal things in your phone away from such prying eyes. Friend Lock Pro may be downloaded from Google Play Store for a nominal $1.99.

How Friend Lock Pro App works?

Friend Lock Pro app for Android ultimately aims at protecting your privacy. The app set up can be a bit confusing as to what Lock and Block are. These are two options wherein you get to set a pin code requirement (i.e. lock) or disabling an app altogether (block). The app also lets you block outgoing and incoming calls (excluding 911), and incoming and outgoing text messages. You could even block text message notifications from displaying your message. Further, there is a home screen widget you can opt to place it on your smartphone home screen for quick access to the app (password required). Just one click on the widget and you can lock/block all pre-configured applications. It is as simple as that.

Friend Lock Pro App for Android

It should be noted that though settings are automatically locked when Friend Lock is activated, but cannot be blocked to prevent you from getting locked out of your own device. The graphics part is stunning to say the least. It is also quite user friendly for most parts. Friend Lock Pro application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.

Final Thoughts

Friend Lock Pro app for Android is your smartphone’s privacy control manager. In the app, you can set the apps and functionalities, including incoming/outgoing calls and text messages, that you wish to block/lock from others. Once you set the items you wish to shield, it is quite easy to use. The home screen widget gives you an option to activate the app instantly when it is required the most. Overall, Friend Lock Pro is a must have security app to have in your Android device, if you’re worried about prying eyes.

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