AnkiMobile Flashcards iPhone App Review

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AnkiMobile Flashcards iPhone App helps you memorize everything through flashcards. This is a very efficient way to learn a variety of things. The app has different topics that range from hardcore school subjects to interesting nuances of life. Spend your free time browsing through the flashcards. Read what is there or create your own. Utilize the time spent waiting for a bus or train or while commuting very effectively with this app. The app helps you remember things just when you need it or before you would forget.

Learn, Remember and Memorize Through This Innovative Flashcard

AnkiMobile Flashcards iPhone App has a clean and smooth interface with an intuitive design. It provides an efficient way to study as you can customize different actions and also control the different actions. Cloud synchronization is available that will help synchronize content across multiple devices. You can now enter content on your computer and keep the study progress current across all your devices. The decks support content of all type, text, sound images, audio clips, MathJax and LaTeX. You can have more than 100k cards in your decks covering various topics.

The AnkiMobile Flashcards App uses a scheduling algorithm for spaced repetitions to help you memorize. It provides a comprehensive statistics and graphs. All media files are stored on the device so you can access it without internet connection. It has a powerful search feature that allows you to search cards based on different criteria and these will be automatically placed in different decks.

Smart & Powerful Flashcards

AnkiMobile Flashcards iPhone App is a sure shot way to remember and learn new things. The app is available in English, European and Asian languages. You need to be familiar with the desktop application as certain modifications has to be done on the software and not the app. You can use Apple Pencil to draw images on the cards. The app is available in the App store and costs $26.70 to download and use. The app can be used by anyone aged four years and above and there are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 11.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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