Toca Life Hospital iPhone App Review

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Toca Life Hospital iPhone App teaches kids how to take care of sick people in a hospital. It is a fun and educational app that is filled with all kind of scenarios in a hospital. Every aspect of a hospital is covered, starting from a waiting room to ICU. Children will get to experience a busy medical center and perform activities that is done by doctors or nurses. The children will learn to treat sick people, usher new born into the worlds and also will have to say goodbye. An innovative way to introduce life to kids and they get to learn joys and pains of life.

Learn To Tend And Care For The Sick With Toca Life

Toca Life Hospital for iPhone is a beautiful and intuitive app that brings to life the entire hospital setting. You can explore five floor unit that consists of basement, main entrance, general care, family care, lab and treatment. You get to explore all the five floors. The characters can move from floor to floor using the big elevator. Ultrasound machine is available for expectant patient. CAT scan, x-ray machine are available for diagnosis.

You can check the vitals on a medical monitor. All tools and furniture you will find in a real life hospital can be found in the app. There are secret codes you need to crack to get access to secret labs and mysterious machine. You can set the tone of the music of a dramatic hospital to a mellow and relaxing tune.

Live Hospital Experience through Toca

Toca Life Hospital iPhone App is developed by Toca Boca is as real as in a real hospital. The stories are woven from real life stories from checkups, treatment, tests and more. You get to live the circle of life from birth to death. The app teaches kids to handle the joy and sad in equilibrium and can be used by kids aged four years and above. The app is available English, European and Asian languages and can be downloaded from App Store for just $4.07. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available and the app requires iOS 10.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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