Ant Raid App for Android Review

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Fans of arcade and action will come to love this game: Ant Raid app for Android. In Ant Raid, you play the ants and you need to take out armies of snails, bees, and other insects. The initial levels are easy. But it gets more challenging as you advance. You can get Ant Raid game app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Ant Raid App Features

In Ant Raid for Android, each level has a different setting and you got a certain number of ants. As the enemies approach, you got to send some or all of your ant army to take out the enemy. You do this by tapping on the screen and a circle appears. If you keep your finger on the screen, the circle expands and the ants that come within the circle are the ones that attack. Now simply tap where you want to send them. Of course, things might not go your way all the time. Sometimes you got to send out your reserve army to rescue other ants that are in trouble. The challenge is in figuring out how many ants you might need to fight a particular enemy so that you can conserve the remaining ants to take out the next foe. Each insect is different; some are faster while some others are stronger/bigger.

Ant Raid App for Android

As you move up the levels, you’ll also get powers from the fallen enemies. For example, you can take colors fallen enemies such as blue or red. Blue will make you invulnerable whereas red makes one faster. You can use lightning to squash insects by simply taping your finger on them. On the flip side, you’ll be penalized if you miss them. If you manage to advance to the next level, you’ll get one star. The better you perform in accomplishing your tasks, you’ll win more stars. You can win up to 3 stars max. At the start of each round, you’re given three stars. But if you’re not playing up to par, the stars will be removed. Alternatively, you can choose to play the survival mode. But you got to clear Chapter 1 to unlock the survival mode. In survival mode, you got to play until your colony is destroyed. The graphics is gorgeous so is the sound track. Easy to use controls make gaming easy.


Ant Raid app for Android is an interesting yet challenging arcade/action game with wonderful graphics and gripping game play. The difficulty levels increases as you progress through the levels. Sound effects are awesome to say the least. Verdict: Check it out if you love arcade style games with challenging game play.

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