AntiCrop App for iPhone Review

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AntiCrop is an easy to use photo editor app that serves one particular function: the app lets you expand the borders of your photos. Yes, it adds pixels to your picture to recreate missing parts. AntiCrop iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for a very reasonable $0.99 per license.

How AntiCrop iPhone App Works?

The term AntiCrop is bit of a misnomer; its main function is actually the opposite of cropping – expanding the borders. However, the app provides the familiar image cropping feature as well. Using AntiCrop is a piece of cake. Open the photo you wish to edit in the app, and simply drag the borders of the image in the direction you want to expand. The app will fill in the missing pixels. You can opt to have portrait or landscape orientation for your photos, and choose from multiple sizes for each orientation. While expanding the borders, tapping the ‘Undo’ button enables you to view the original version. Holding it down for few seconds however undo the changes you’ve made on the picture.

AntiCrop App for iPhone

iPhone AntiCrop app can be used for image straightening as well. Unlike many other photo editor apps, it preserves the parts of the image usually lost while straightening. Swipe underneath the photo in the direction you wish it to rotate, and once the image is rotated, AntiCrop will fill in the missing pixels that otherwise would have been cropped out.

However, while using AntiCrop iPhone application, you should know its limitations. Don’t expect it to work wonders with every picture you have in your iPhone. As per the App Store description notes, the app works fine with photos with uniform texture. I.e. pictures with clouds in the sky, sand on the beach, or grassy fields. The app won’t give reliable results with photos of people, animals, buildings, or other unpredictable objects.

Final Thoughts

AntiCrop app for iPhone works fine. It is easy to use, as the application does most of the work for you. You only need to drag the corners in the direction you want the image to expand. The fact that AntiCrop can’t weave its magic over every kind of photo can be pointed out as a downside. But then no other iPhone app could do it at present. Verdict: Overall, AntiCrop is a handy app to have, if you do photo editing regularly before sharing a picture.

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