ForeverMap Europe App for iPhone Review

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ForeverMap Europe is an iPhone app that comes handy in places where there is no mobile tower signal availability. It provides a fully interactive offline map solution for your Apple handset that can be used anywhere, anytime. ForeverMap Europe can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for just £1.49. Remember, ForeverMap Europe app for iPhone is compatible with versions iOS 3.1 or later.

How ForeverMap Europe App Works?

Google Maps works fine, as long as you’ve got signal strength. But what happens if you’re in a place with no mobile tower nearby? ForeverMap Europe fills you in during such hours of crisis. ForeverMap Europe manages the job for you by parking 1.3GB of pan-continental maps in your iPhone, so that you always got a guide in hand.

In terms of utilities, ForeverMap Europe mobile application provides location finder, offline search, route calculation and information on places of interest. It also includes Wikipedia references like history and short information about landmarks, significant buildings etc from across the globe. It won’t be wrong to say that iPhone ForeverMap Europe app in that respect doubles up as a reliable electronic tour guide as well.

ForeverMap Europe App for iPhone

On the downside, Skobbler GmbH could have done a better job with ForeverMap Europe’s interface. If to quote an example, you are supposed to find a location on the map, tap, hold and then pick ‘Directions to/from here, rather than more user friendly ‘from-to’ option. Also the app eats up lots of system memory; a 1.3 GB download size and roughly 2.2 GB install size can be a bit hard on a mid-end smartphone. There are also some shortcomings with the search feature; it returns on those available on the map. Not someone’s address whose street does not exists on the map.

Final Thoughts

ForeverMap Europe app for iPhone is certainly useful, especially if you’re in the pan-continental region. Its biggest feature is that the app does not rely on cellular connectivity. It reliably works in the offline mode, even though the user interface and couple of utilities are not so user-friendly. The makers of ForeverMap Europe could have done far better than this. Few downsides apart, the app scores above par in other departments. Verdict: Recommended if you wish to have a fully interactive offline map solution.

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