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Next! is an easy to understand (and use) task manager app for iPhone/iPad from LefTurn Labs. Thought it is priced a bit steep ($9.99), given the utilities and functions it brings to the table, it is worth the money spent. But, call it human nature or otherwise, after using Next! app for some time, you can’t stop but wish for more bells and whistles. Visit iTunes App Store for downloading Next! app for iPhone.

How iPhone Next! App Works?

If you’ve taken some New Year resolutions relating to your work, health, or personal milestones, perhaps Next! app for iPhone should come handy. It lets you create lists of projects and goals, and give you an option to link your various projects to an overall goal. Further, within each project, you can have a list of actions required to complete the job, with start and end dates in each category. It is even possible to designate any task as the ‘Next!’ one to complete. Further, goals, projects, and actions can be tagged; you can either use the already available tags, or you can create your own to attach to the tasks.

As you complete the actions/projects on the way to the final goal, you can view your efforts on a progress bar. Once you complete a task, simply check the box Next! to entry, and the app sends it to the archive.

Next! App for iPhone

Next! iPhone app have some interesting options for the user. For example, the app lets you take notes, and let you attach the same to your action lists. You can attach photos directly from the device, or can share anything via email directly from the app. However, the most impressive aspect of Next! is its user interface. You can glide between goal and project pages by a casual swipe of your thumb. And most conveniently, the app lets you toggle controls to suit your dominant hand. So, if you are left-handed, you can have the controls toggled to suit your convenience.

Positives apart, had there been few more features, Next! would have been a total killer app. For example, a calendar is missing. It would have given more orientation for the user. Similarly, there is no option to set a time frame for a project on a 24hr scale. After all, deadlines sometimes come in hours.

And Next! almost stands alone. It does not seem to have great syncing features, which is a big drawback.

Final Thoughts

Next! App for iPhone is a great task manager application, its steep price tag notwithstanding. It is fun and easy to use for most parts. It is not without shortcomings. But on any given day, its positives outshine its apparent drawbacks. A must have app, if you are a working professional.

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