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AppBox Pro app for iPhone brings together various multi-utility apps under one application. In other words, the app acts as an appstore unto itself, for a single paid license worth $0.99. If you go through the features of the multitude of apps that comes with AppBox Pro, you’ll realize why this app is one of the popular paid iPhone apps downloaded from iTunes in various countries across the globe.


The interface of AppBox Pro iPhone app is well laid out, even though it has a non-iPhone type appeal. Once inside, you’ll see a multitude of sub-apps that carry out the functionalities of full apps available elsewhere, some of which might be even paid ones. For example, the app comes with battery life indicator (a standalone app from AppleStore costs $1.99), Period Calendar (again costs $1.99 for a standalone app from AppleStore), and tip calculator (some $0.99 for a similar app), to name few of them. Other sub-apps include cinometer app, flashlight app, a new unit converter app, currency calculator app etc.

AppBox Pro app for iPhone

While you might not use each and every one of the apps presented to you by AppBox Pro, it is certain that you’ll find some of them handy ones, for which you might have to shell out some money, if you buy it separately. If you already have some of these paid apps in your iPhone, then AppBox Pro might not elicit much interest in your. But it certainly comes handy to new iPhone users, who have not yet downloaded many of the said paid apps into their iPhones. Paying for these sub-apps (its equivalent rather) from the AppleStore costs anywhere in the $1-2 range. So ultimately the equation boils down to $0.99 Vs $10-20. Certainly a new iPhone user would want to go for AppBox Pro rather than individual pickings.


AppBox Pro app for iPhone can be said to be the app equivalent of Swiss Knife. It got a number of utilities rolled into one, for a very reasonable price tag of $0.99. Especially, the app provides extreme value addition to a new iPhone user, as he/she can now do away with potential downloads worth $10-20 on utility apps. AppBox Pro iPhone application is certainly not without its share of little shortcomings. But given its vast array of offerings, it is worth every cent that you pay for the application. Verdict: Good one to have in your iPhone.

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