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When it comes to remote PC access apps for iPhone, there are not many ones that are better than LogMeIn Ignition. Unlike many of its competitors, LogMeIn Ignition provides a much robust experience, wherein you could control your PC in a manner as simple as you sign up for an email account or installing an applet. You just need to log into the account, and select the PC you wish to control; as simple as that. The LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone comes at a price tag of $29.99.

Features of LogMeIn Ignition App

First of all, LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app works only over the internet. So it goes without mention that you need a 3G connection on your iPhone, and your PC turned ON while using the app. The app takes cares of all ports and network related stuff by itself that the user can conveniently be ignorant about the same while using the application.

iPhone Logemein Ignition app

Once in operation, the iPhone LogMeIn Ignition app displays the PC screen as it is. Over a speedy internet connection, you should get the screen the moment the app connects to your PC remotely. You can enter text using the keyboard, which looks more like a regular PC keyboard than the inbuilt iPhone one. And yes, it comes with all the additional keys required for PC operations, such as the Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Alt tabs that you won’t have any trouble doing what you wish to do in your PC remotely.

Another interesting aspect with LogMeIn Ignition app is the use of mouse. Unlike the typical PC mouse operation wherein you have to click on the part of the screen/text where you need to have the control, here, you actually move the screen up to the mouse, the cursor of which lies on the middle of the screen. Further, in order to right-click, simply tap on an on-screen button that switches the cursor to the right-click mode. Similarly, scroll is achieved by putting two fingers on the iPhone screen and moving them up or down, depending on which direction you wish to scroll the window/page.

LogMeIn Ignition iPhone application however has no support for sound. You might have to use it in total silence.


LogMeIn Ignition app provides remote operation of your PC, from your iPhone, no matter what technical skills you have in networking at the moment. Even though the price tag of $29.99 is a bit steep, the makers of LogMeIn Ignition supports it customer well through regular updates and customer support. The LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone is available for download from iTunes App Store.

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